A code for the automated exploration of reactive potential energy surfaces

The KinBot software is an integrated tool that crawls on reactive potential energy surfaces automatically, and discovers and characterizes reaction pathways in a way that lends itself directly to master equation calculations. CRF Blog article.

Target systems

  • Gas-phase reactions with relevance to combustion and atmospheric chemistry


  • Full conformational search
  • Automatic hindered rotor scans
  • Automatic frequency projection in the 1-D hindered rotor approximation
  • Automatic IRCs to test connectivity
  • Multiple levels of electronic structure theory
  • Automatic external and internal symmetry determination
  • Full exploration of multiwell systems
  • Plotting of the PESs via the PESViewer code
  • Currently supported electronic structure code: Gaussian 09
  • Supported master equation solvers: MESS and MESMER


Description of KinBot 2.0

  • Van de Vijver, R., Zádor, J.: KinBot: Automated stationary point search on potential energy surfaces. Computer Physics Communications, 2020 248

Using KinBot 1.0

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